Our Story

A tradition of craftsmanship that comes from afar, and that brings with it all the attention and precision in the processing of a timeless material: crystal.

Our passion in making our works with love and passion is the legacy of the renowned tradition of crystal processing in Colle Val D’Elsa, which has been going on for over 800 years.

Blowing, modeling and finishing: in our laboratories every day happens the same magic that happens for years and that allows us to transform a shapeless and incandescent mass into something concrete. Everyday objects, but also exclusive designs, born from collaborations with the most famous contemporary artists in the world, to make each piece a masterpiece.



Our crystal is unique in its sound performance, brilliance and transparency. The continuous updating towards advanced production techniques, combined with the secrets handed down by generations of master glassmakers, allow us to maintain a high quality.


All Collevilca production is made without the use of lead. We chose to be sustainable, eliminating the use of this material used to ensure resistance to products, studying an alternative equally valid and maintaining high quality performances.


Our products, especially if intended for frequent use, are more resistant than the average product, ensuring integrity and scratch resistance even in the long run.


We put our heads and hearts into everything we produce. From the inspiration of our master glassmakers, but also from important collaborations with architects and designers of international fame, unique and original forms are born.


Eight hundred years of crystal processing, collected three generations ago and handed down from hand to hand.


We reserve care and attention to each piece produced, from the stage of conception to creation, from production to delivery.
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