design Atelier Collevilca 1980

B-150-22-001 Horsehead small with colour h.22  
B-150-22-011 Horsehead small h.22  
B-150-22-081 Horsehead small parts gold h.22  
B-150-22-181 Horsehead small with gold h.22  
B-150-27-001 Horsehead medium with colour h.27  
B-150-27-011 Horsehead medium h.27  
B-150-27-081 Horsehead medium parts gold h.27  
B-150-27-181 Horsehead medium with gold h.27  
B-150-34-001 Horsehead large with colour h.34  
B-150-34-011 Horsehead large h.34  
B-150-34-081 Horsehead large parts gold h.34  
B-150-34-181 Horsehead large with gold h.34  
B-150-40-001 Horsehead extralarge with colour h.40  
B-150-40-011 Horsehead extralarge h.40  
B-150-40-181 Horsehead extralarge with gold h.40  
B-150-50-001 Horsehead giant with colour h.50  
B-150-50-011 Horsehead giant h.50  
B-150-50-181 Horsehead giant with colour h.50  


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