Tips for care and use of Crystal

I consigli di COLLEVILCA per la cura e il corretto utilizzo del cristallo vi indicheranno come conservare adeguatamente i vostri oggetti nel tempo per preservarne l’originale bellezza.

Preparing to use your crystal for the first time

How to remove labels:
An easy way to remove product labels is through use hot air from a hair dryer. If a gummy residue remains, you can remove it with a soft cloth and nail polish remover. Sharp objects may scratch the crystal’s surface.
Before using new crystal storage vessels, such as decanters and pitchers, observe the following steps:

a) Fill with a room temperature solution of 50% vinegar or citric acid (i.e. lemon juice) and 50% water;
b) Lets stand for 24 hours;
c) Empty and rise with warm water.

This procedure will remove any residue from production, shipping or storage and properly prepare crystal for washing.
Hand wash, using mild detergent and warm water before using to serve food or beverages.
How to safely store your crystal between uses
Store your crystal in a place at room temperature.
To prevent scratching
Avoid placing crystal on a hard surface ( glass, stone or metal) where it can slide black and forth.
Always stand crystal right side up when storing
Fine stemware is weakest in the rim area.
Consequently, storing stemware upside down may cause the rims to chip.
Also the knocking together of two rims may cause them to chip.
Keep crystal objects separate
Never stack tumblers or bowls, they may scratch or become stuck together, If this should occur, run warm water over the outer surface to dislodge
To unstick a decanter stopper
Use warm water or vegetable oil on the neck and top of the decanter. You can avoid the problem by wiping the neck of the decanter with vegetables oil on a soft cloth before putting the stopper back in the neck.
Techniques for removing stains on your crystal
Tap water may leave mineral deposit on your crystal. These deposits can be removed by using vinegar on a soft, lint-free polishing cloth.
You can also add vinegar to soapy water when hand washing your crystal to remove persistent spots or stains.
Removing films and residues.
An easy way to clean or remove film buildup is to fill crystal containers with a room temperature vinegar (or citric acid) and water solution (50%/50%) and let stand for 3-4 hours.
Then empty and rise with warm water.
Points you cannot reach.
If you cannot reach inside a closed vessel such as a decanter, and a film or residue remains, fill vessel with 50% water and 50% vinegar or citric acid (i.e. lemon juice) solution together with uncooked rice and shake to cleanse the interior walls on the vessel.
Then empty and rinse with warm water.

How to clean your crystal

Observe the following steps to preserve the transparency and brilliant finish of your fine crystal.
Use only mild soap flakes or a small amount of liquid detergent as recommended by the manufacturer.
Hand wash
Jewelry, such as your wedding ring, can scratch crystal – remove before washing;
Use rubber mat and faucet guard to prevent chipping;
Wash in warm water with a soft cloth or sponge.
Rinse with clear warm water.
Dry your crystal by wiping gently with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent water spotting.
Machine wash
If you do machine wash your crystal, use only the recommended amount of mild detergent. Set the dishwasher at the lowest temperature and shortest washing cycle.
Use the “china/crystal” setting if available. Load carefully so pieces do not touch each other and cannot become dislodged by water action. Set the dishwasher at the coolest drying cycle or allow to air dry.
When drying stemware, do not wipe the bowl while twisting the stem in the opposite direction. This action may cause the stem to snap.
Gold or platinum banded products
Take special care when drying gold or platinum banded products. Wait until crystal has cooled before wiping dry.
Storing food or beverages in your crystal
Avoid storing food or beverages in crystal containers foe extended period of time. Change liquid contents of all crystal container frequently.
This will help preserve the product’s finish, avoid film buildup and the chemical erosion of the crystal’s interior surface.
Protecting your crystal from extreme temperature changes
Most crystal is not treated to withstand rapid temperature changes, which may causes it to fracture or shatter.
To prevent these occurrences:
Do not places crystal into very hot or very cold water.
Do not pour hot liquid into cold crystal or cold liquids into hot crystal
Do not use crystal in a microwave or conventional oven
Do not use crystal in a freezer or refrigerator.